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Kresh Plays: Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

Hey everyone, it’s Kern here. Awhile back, Kresh completed Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (The N. Sane Trilogy version). Below is the archived footage and a bit about the game.

Kresh completed this game on a live stream March of 2021, and you can find our live stream channel over on Twitch. If you like to watch live streams, come check us out when you’ve got some free time. Currently we stream two days a week, and run archived footage on the Saturdays. Be sure to follow our Twitch for more information, and to be updated when we go live.

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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

For those of you who want a bit more information, let’s just gloss over some of the basics. This is your stereotypical 3D platformer of the late 90’s early 00’s era. Although the remastered version of the game lives up well to its predecessor, it can still be a tad clunky from time to time. Then again, you come to expect that from a game like this.

In general, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back is a family friendly title as most platformers tend to be, (although when it comes to commentary, Kresh and I certainly aren’t since we swear so much). If you pick this game up for your household it shouldn’t disrupt too many sensibilities.

The game originally came out in 1997 for the PlayStation. It’s the sequel to Crash Bandicoot, a game that came out in 1996. The series is developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

In 2017 the game was re-released as part of the  Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Those of you who’ve played a platformer like this know what you’re in for. These platformers were known to be a bit difficult and this game lives up to expectation on that front.

We’ve got a blog post and play-through of the first game in the series that you can find below. You may want to check it out first if you’ve never seen a Crash Bandicoot game before, although I’m sure that’s pretty unlikely. Anyway, if that interests, you, you can find the link to that post, and the gameplay footage below.

For returners of the series, it’s back to the standard formula, more or less. There’s stages to beat, crystals to collect, boxes to smash and the fictional “Wumpa Fruit” to collect. Like always, you’ll gain extra lives when you collect enough of them. Trust me, you’re going to need them.

You play as Crash Bandicoot, a goofy protagonist with an adventuresome spirit. Crash once again is being manipulated by the (hilarious) evil villain named Doctor Neo Cortex. The crystals you need to collect are scattered between 25 different levels. Every now and then, you’ll encounter a boss battle.

Your usual foes are back with a vengeance he demented Ripper Roo, the Komodo Brothers and the ravenous Tiny Tiger make an appearance. Of course, once you collect all of the crystals, you’ll also face down Doctor Neo Cortex himself.

Nitro boxes make their first appearance in this game, and they can act both as boss mechanics and little green boxes of doom scattered around the stages. No, really, these are boxes you don’t want to touch or try to smash. They’ll explode on contact, There’s only three levels that they don’t show up in at all; The Pits, Totally Bear and the Intro, which acts as a game tutorial.

All in all, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back is a solid game throughout. It has a decent story-line, and although Kresh and I absolutely suck at platfomer style games, we both agree this is one you should try if you’re looking for something to play.

This has been Kernook of The Demented Ferrets, where stupidity is at its finest and level grinds are par for the course. I’ll catch you next time… meanwhile, check out our other great content below.

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Soooo….. Twitch had a Data Leak… CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS!

Hey all, Kern here, wondering at the rationality of humanity as once again cyber bullies kick up in hopes of doing… well, who knows what they were after really, I won’t speculate.

Either way, Twitch suffered a massive data breech very recently and it should be heeded. If you do have a Twitch account, and all that general wonderfulness, go change your passwords. Consider this post as me doing my own diligence to put this out as a warning to any of you that do happen to watch live streams or otherwise have a twitch account.

Don’t sit on this, it seems like a pretty massive leak of data. This is the article I read regarding it, and I’d suggest if you want more information, you do the same. I happened to see it earlier this morning.

In case you care for a secondary source, here ya go…

Honestly, stay safe out there on the internet everyone, and yeah… this completely sucks, but welcome to life I suppose… go fix your passwords and warn your friends to do the same.

May Mega Update Post

Hi everyone, Kern here. Well, it’s May. The month of April was super stressful, with lots of things going on behind the scenes, but the month has passed us by, and now it’s time to dig into what’s happening for the month of May.

First of all, as you know we’ve switched time slots for Saturday. We didn’t get to really test it out because Kresh was sick on Saturday, so I pulled a later night stream as a result. Next week we will both try to be there with bells on. If not, i’ll do another late night stream again.

Late Night Jurassic World Evolution and The Tenants streams are what’s keeping me occupied the most. Tuesdays contain Final Fantasy XI content, and Wednesdays and Saturdays really depend on what game we happen to be playing.

So with all of that said, let’s get into what you can expect for content for the month ahead.

Live Streaming Content:

  • Random casual late night streams (FFXI, Simulators, whatever Kern feels like)
  • Tuesdays: Primarily FFXI content.
  • Wednesdays: Whatever Kern happens to be playing, with Kresh on co-comm.
  • Saturday: Whatever Kresh happens to be playing, with Kern on co-comm.

We had a lot of real setbacks last month that prevented us from performing at our fullest potential. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to be around more often at our usual times, it was that we couldn’t.

Kresh had some minor surgery that prevented headset wearing for a while. We tested out different set-ups for audio, but none of them sufficed to our liking on such sort notice. That and the simple fact that Kresh needed to recover put us in a tough situation for streaming reguarly like we wanted.

In the meantime, my mother (Reminder: Kern here) has been in and out of several doctors appointments on a weekly basis. If you’ve been around the streams or seen a few of my previous blogs on the subject, you know that her health is an ongoing uphill battle, and has been since last November. With blood transfusions taking place for her every Wednesday for the past 3 weeks, it’s been a bit of a mess, and one that my family is still sorting out.

Hopefully my late night streaming has provided adequate content for my absence. I’m doing the absolute best that I can.

YouTube Video Content:

The struggle is real here. You may notice that there is more gameplay content than edited videos. That’s because edited content takes so long to make. We are doing our absolute best though, you can be sure of that. 

Later this week the RWBY White Trailer Review will be released (with the included blog post here, as you can expect). Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.  I really hope you do.

Other content planned comes in the form of more Kern’s Collections, and a new segment is also coming called “Kern’s Character Spotlight”. I have high hopes that you will come to enjoy these segments as we continue to work on getting them out. 

The Blog:

The meat and potatoes of this post for all of you can be found here, because this is the blog. As usual our blog stands as our most diverse and robust section of content we offer, with all sorts of things to be had.

The video format of Kern’s Collections, reviews, and analysis come accompanied with the written script here. When the Character Spotlights videos come out, they will be treated the same way. 

On top of anime, gaming and fandom related content there are other bits and pieces here too, and I hope our website will only continue to grow in number as time marches on.

Written reviews in the works for gaming Include Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (the 90’s one). Once I’m finished with that, I’ll move away to a few non-horror rated titles for a while. I’m not sure what yet, but something. I have a few outlines, but nothing I’m ready to announce.

For anime, I’m working on a Claymore review.

Kern’s Collections posts upcoming in the process include Emma: A Victorian Romance and we’re still trying to sort out the Death Note video so that it can accompany the blog.

Character Spotlight outlines are still being worked on, but you’ll see the first one this month if all goes well.


We have Ruka hard at work designing some stream cards and other things when Ruka isn’t helping me with video content. There isn’t much to say here except that artwork is in fact being worked on.

In Closing:

All in all, we’re all hard at work doing our best to provide you with the content we can, in the way best we can. It’s a bit rocky, no one can deny that, but we are doing our best to provide you guys wonderful entertainment, and we hope you enjoy it.

This has been Kernook of “The Demented Ferrets”, where stupidity is at its finest, and level grinds are par for the course. See you all next time.

Gameplay: Kreshenne Plays MYST

Hey everyone, it’s Kernook here. In the two videos below, Kreshenne explores the immersive world of Myst, solving puzzles along the way. The game is coined as a graphic puzzle adventure, as the main draw of the game is the puzzles themselves. The game is considered a classic.

It was developed by Cyan, Inc. and published by Broderbund. Originally it released in 1993 for Mac. As time went on other ports of the game were released. PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and Windows saw notable ports of the game.

As for the game itself, it’s all about the insanity of two brothers. The mind-games that you, the player, must sort through.

Kresh Plays: MYST

Part 1

Part 2

More About MYST

In the game players use a special book to travel to the island of “Myst“. Once there, you solve puzzles and travel to four other worlds. These other worlds are known as “Ages”. Each age uncovers more backstory of the game’s characters.

Myst is a first person game. Players interact with specific objects on screen by clicking on the item, or dragging it around. Certain items like journal pages can be picked up and carried to particular locations.

Movement in the game relies on the player clicking on locations shown on the screen. There are plenty of areas to explore, and a keen eye is required to solve some of the puzzles. More on that later…

The game also features a journal. This is a necessary component to the game. You’ll be collecting the pages that belong inside of it. This is a double edged sword. You can only carry a single page at a time. If you drop a page, it reverts back to its original location. When you find them, be sure to place them where they belong.

Little Details Matter

To beat the game, you’ve got to explore the island of Myst in its entirety. With every puzzle you solve you’ll discover clues for the next one and where you ought to go next.

You’ll be tasked with visiting the “Ages” mentioned above, The “Ages” you’ll visit are small sub worlds, self-contained and with their own puzzles to solve. Each of the Ages have their own name and theme to go with it. The Ages are: Selenitic, Stoneship, Mechanical, and Channelwood. Some of the clues, items and information discovered in one of the “Ages” might be required to solve puzzles in a different one. This is why details matter.

Rushing through a puzzle too quickly may leave you stumped later. In the videos above Kreshenne runs into this issue a few times.

Unique Aspects of MYST

Myst uses each in-game environment to the utmost advantage to tell the story it presents. Like many games of its era, the game relies largely on text based story telling. There are some “cut-scenes” if you can truly call them that, as well.

What made Myst so popular for its time was the unusual ways it provided the backstory. The entire game is riddled with mystery waiting to be unraveled. At first, you’ll have very little backstory. Nothing is particularly clear, and there is no hand-holding in sight.

You won’t have any obvious goals or objectives in front of you. As a player, it will all be left up to you. There are no enemies in the game, and no combat. The game is a slow burn, and the player can solve the puzzles at their own pace.

The two brothers that made the island are crazy people, but I’ve said too much about them with that single statement. The rest is up to you. If you haven’t played Myst or watched a play-through, you really should.

This has been Kernook of the Demented Ferrets…

“Where stupidity is at its finest and level grinds are par for the course…”

The Demented Ferrets…

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