The Demented Ferrets are Streaming Final Fantasy XIV

Hey guys it’s Kern here, with a quick update. As some of you may know, we play Final Fantasy MMORPG’s such as FFXI (Final Fantasy 11), and now we’re going to start streaming FFXIV as well (Final Fantasy 14).

I’m excited to be able to start fresh characters and begin the story-line of Final Fantasy XIV from the very beginning… which we will be doing next month, in the meantime, you may see me goofing around on the game on my own during early morning side streams on an alt character. You’ll want to be sure to follow us on Twitch for when we go live.

As far as Final Fantasy XIV, we’ve been playing the game for a long time now, years in fact. These particular games mean a lot to us, so it also means a lot to be able to share the experience with you all. From Vana’diel to Eorzea and back again, our misadventures have taken us far and wide.

We’ll be sure to still play around in Final Fantasy XI every now and then, but with most of the story-line there showcased and completed on our live streams, it’s time to get into beefier content. I can think of no better story-line than Final Fantasy XIV, an epic saga to be sure when we go all the way back to the start.

Together, Kresh and I will play on Saturdays for main story-line content, and every now and then I’ll play on off days, farting around on other jobs and all around having a good time.

I’ve already done a few early morning, lazy streams of the content, and the vods can be found here:

This has been Kernook of The Demented Ferrets, where stupidity is at its finest and level grinds are par for the course. I’ll see you next time.

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