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Anime Review: A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Today we’re going to talk about a series that’s gentle and easy to watch. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows either. Sometimes this anime is a little bitter-sweet and contemplative above all else. While it touches on the subject of loss, you’ll find the themes to be easily digestible and never too dark. Today I’m talking about A Little Snow Fairy Sugar.… Read More Anime Review: A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Anime Review- Bartender

Bartender stands out as a refined slice-of-life series for older viewers. It isn’t your standard formula by far, and it doesn’t pretend to be. It is soft and sophisticated without being obnoxious. Themes are sometimes vague, but not needlessly obtuse. Character stories are personal and often layered in simple but deep symbolism.… Read More Anime Review- Bartender

Anime Review: Claymore

The fate of a Claymore is hardly peaceful, and usually ends tragically. Anyway you look at it, their mere existence is rather lonely and their fates promise to be the selfsame as the Yoma themselves. If a woman becomes a Claymore, her days are numbered and that’s just a cold hard fact that these women accept and understand as the way of the world.… Read More Anime Review: Claymore

Kern’s Collections

While these are not full length reviews, they are short form reviews, with scripted video content included. These are also in alphabetical order for your convenience.

Kern’s Collections: Space Brothers

To be honest, Space Brothers stands as a “catch-all” anime for me. If I don’t know what anime to pick out for a new viewer, I always go with Space Brothers. It is especially accessible for an american viewer because the idea of going to outer space is part of our mass media to begin with. It’s a concept and idea that we understand, and flock towards in mass.… Read More Kern’s Collections: Space Brothers