Anime Review: Another

The anime Another is one of the best examples of what makes Japanese horror so unique that I have ever watched.  It’s gory and bloody, but not in the ‘Have a pile of body parts’ way that a lot of American horror is.  It has a plot, it has interesting characters, and it makes you think.  It was produced in 2012 by P. A. Works based on the novels by Yukito Ayatsuji, and for a ten year old anime, I think it still makes an incredible showing.… Read More Anime Review: Another

Anime Review: March Comes in Like a Lion

Honestly, it’s likely one of the few anime that ever really gets to me. That’s because the anime is both subtle and incredibly evocative of other shows and series you may have seen before. Yet, where those anime may fall short, March Comes in Like a Lion doesn’t. This anime stands its ground quite well, despite what it has to offer.… Read More Anime Review: March Comes in Like a Lion