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This is a compiled list of reviews and opinion pieces regarding live-action movies and televised series. From big box theater releases, to small indie productions and “original’s” found on streaming services, we try to cover a wide range of live-action media.

That being said, some of the media here is quite old, and therefore are products of their time and era. Some movies shouldn’t be forgotten, even if they don’t reflect the core ethos and mindsets we keep in this day and age. If you’re going to read a review about an old film do bear in mind that the social consciousness and zeitgeist at the time may not reflect the ideologies held in this day and age.

Movie and live action reviews/thought pieces.

Movie Review: The Godfather

At the heart and soul of this franchise, there’s a sad truth to tell. It isn’t all unicorns and rainbows when you’re leading the mob. Rather, oftentimes Don Corleone finds it to be a merciless position to be in. He understands that position, acting with gravitas where it suits him to do so. When it offers him no value, he eases up. That’s the rarity, though.… Read More Movie Review: The Godfather

Movie Review: The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption is as much about prisons as it is the human condition. For as beautiful and thought provoking as the movie is, there’s some real grime caked on top of it. It’ll give you a taste of what goes on in the minds of these characters, but it won’t hold your hand or coddle you. You’ll have to deal with the facts as they hand them to you, for better and for much worse.… Read More Movie Review: The Shawshank Redemption

Netflix Original – Resident Evil series releases on July 14th. Will it be any good?

Netflix has always been full to bursting with original content, and it’s really no surprise that they would try to garner attention from Resident Evil fans. We are a rather hungry group of people when it comes to our games, movies, books and other media. Cashing in on the franchise at this point is just flat out common sense.… Read More Netflix Original – Resident Evil series releases on July 14th. Will it be any good?

Review: (A)sexual

The thing about being asexual is that it’s often misunderstood. These people talk very frankly about the struggles that go along with the acronym alphabet soup that the wider world likes to toss around. This is why I don’t inherently include them in the LGBTQ+ community by total default. Some asexual people aren’t lesbians, gays, trans, or queer. They don’t always identify that way.… Read More Review: (A)sexual