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Hey everyone, it’s Kernook here. I’m here to tell you all about the “The Demented Ferrets“. As of right now, we have three members. Kreshenne, Ruka and myself (Kernook).

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On the Topic of Blogs

We have this blog based around fandom and our interests. This includes anime, games reviews, movies and more. If you’ve lingered around this particular site for long, you know what to expect. If you’re new here, you should totally explore and enjoy the content.

Posts are released every Monday, Wednesday and
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Twitch Streaming (Kreshenne and Kernook): Together, we stream video game content on Twitch three days a week.

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YouTube: Much of the YouTube content crosses over with the blog, so it is an integral part of our production here. I’d like to say we could have more YouTube content out on a quicker basis, and we are working on it, but we’re not quite there yet.


You may be wondering, where does the money go?

  • Artwork – We like to aptly compensate our artist “Ruka” when and where we can, though this isn’t always easy. You don’t see Ruka, but oftentimes she’s hard at work in the background. Ruka strives and struggles with Kresh and I to provide great content. You don’t see Ruka around much, but she’s there and has been there through the iteration of every bowl, ferret conceptualization you see on our media.
  • Equipment – Live streaming isn’t easy, with your help we can upgrade our gear and provide a better experience to our users both on the blog and across our platforms. With the funds we received, here are a few of the important things we’ve purchased:
    • An affordable tablet for Ruka’s artwork.
    • An external hard drive for storage regarding video editing.
    • A new headset for Kern.
  • This blog – Thanks to the funding of Patrons, we didn’t have to pay for a domain completely out of pocket. This is a yearly expense we need to save up for, and our funding helps to cover that cost.

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With your contributions, you make our efforts possible. Thank you for supporting our content. Patreon supporters receive access into our official Discord server, and a few other perks depending on the tier.

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Patreon Supporters

Patreon Supporters:
($3) Little Ferrets: None
($5) Demented Minions: Andrew Wheal.
($7) Fandom Ferret: None
($14) True Blue Ferret: Francis Murphy and Bryan BSB.
($25) Premium Ferret: None.
($50) Round Table Ferret/Fluffy Ferret: Josh Sayer

Want to see some of the artwork in action? Sure I can show you that. Below you can see how some of the artwork for “The Demented Ferrets” evolved as time went on. This was a process our patrons got behind the scenes access to as progress continued.

The saga of the bowl alone is a story that Ruka and Kern won’t soon forget because that bowl gave us some massive issues at first. Since it’s on almost everything, it really matters.