Welcome to the home of the demented ferrets

Hey everyone, it’s Kresh and Kern here, and welcome to our blog and website dedicated to our written content. Here on “The Demented Ferrets” website, you’ll see a lot of different content going forward.

Anime and gaming related content certainly builds up the bulk of out content here, but you’ll see a few other bits and pieces as well from time to time.

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Let me give you a little more history about us. The first game we ever played together was the MMORPG “Final Fantasy XI“. Our friendship was happenstance. We met simply by virtue of being in the same linkshell, the game’s version of a guild. Back in those days we were spirited young adults. It became a habit to play together.

Through our love of gaming and media we grew to be fast friends. Now we’re a little older, and a lot wiser too. So here we are, setting off on our newest misadventure. There’s no telling where our journey will take us, but it should be fun getting there.

Where stupidity is at its finest and level grinds are par for the course…

We’re Kreshenne and Kernook. We’re happy to have you here, even if Kreshenne does look a little grumpy.

What We Do

As content creators we plan to spread across many platforms.We have a Twitch channel where we stream three times a week. We also have a YouTube channel that will contain other fun content. This blog contains written content of all sorts. You can also follow us on Twitter too.

TwitchLive streamsTuesday: 9:00 PM – 12 AM (GMT)
Thursday: 9:00 PM – 12:00 AM (GMT)
YouTubeArchived live stream content. Planned for 2021: Anime/Game/Movie content. Deep dives/analysis of RWBY.Reschedule to be determined.
TwitterAnnouncements, Random tweetsWhenever a live stream begins or content releases. Doesn’t have a set schedule.
Our BlogAll kinds of written media including anime, games, RWBY and more.Posts are published when Kernook has time to post one.

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Meet The Demented Ferrets Team!

We’re Kreshenne and Kernook. Together we make “The Demented Ferrets”. We’re two friends who’ve enjoyed playing games together for well over a decade. Now, we’re broadening our horizons together too.

Live streamer, YouTuber, runner of this blog.

Kernook “Kern”

Hey all, Kern here. At the time of writing this I’m 31 years old. I’m the jack of all trades, failure at all of them. You’ll find me managing all of our profiles. When I’m not streaming on Twitch with Kresh or dealing with our platform related nonsense, I enjoy time with my relatives.

On Twitch I’ll be streaming all sorts of games. From Final Fantasy to Resident Evil, I like all kinds. On YouTube I’ll be putting up anime and gaming reviews, along with other content. When it comes to the blog, it’s anyone’s guess.

Kreshenne “Kresh”

Hey! I’m Kresh, the Ferret with the annoying British accent. At time of writing this I am 33 years old. I am a Jack of All Trades, Master of Fixing S**t Kern Broke! When not dealing with that, I’m usually 3D printing stupid stuff or painting my backlog of Warhammer mini’s!

On Twitch you can look forward to me streaming whatever I am told to play I fancy playing at the time, but it will mostly be Puzzle and Horror genres, with the occasional RPG maybe, if Kern doesn’t steal them all!

If I manage to branch to YouTube, I will mainly be recording my failed attempts at co-op games like Phasmaphobia and that sort of thing with whichever friend I can convince to join me at the time “for a good cause”.

Live Streamer, potential YouTuber, the grumpy one.

Meet Ruka – Our Official Artist

Artist, friend, contributor to idiocy on streams

Ruka is by far one of the most enjoyable people you will ever meet. Ruka also does our artwork and helps with video production, you may see a blog post here and there written by Ruka as well.

Contact Ruka here: https://twitter.com/Rukangel

Other Notable Names

Meet Sabin!

Little furry lovable asshole.

Kernook’s loyal and demented little kitty. Sabin is an older cat, about 15 years old and spends his days driving his owner completely crazy in all ways imaginable. Be it climbing doors, hanging out on top of the closet, or attacking the wireless mouse during streams, Sabin’s day isn’t complete until he’s found some way to drive Kernook crazy. He also comes when Kresh calls him, meaning that sometimes during the dream he may occasionally headbutt Kern’s headset. Hilarity often ensues…

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