Blogging Guides and Writing Tips

Here is a collection of all blogging guides, tips and tricks that can be found here on the website. Writing guides are also placed here for the sake of convenience. For blogging guides, I focus more upon the concepts of blogging as a diverse form of media that anyone can enter into, however most of them cater to anime and gaming bloggers, as those are the types of blogs I write for.

When it comes to writing guides, I focus more upon fan fiction and wider fan-works, as these are common within fandom as a whole.

For creative media used to cultivate the written word, concepts like “reading ease” are so rarely talked about, and yet so vastly important. As a general rule, I don’t care for the “gate keeping” when it comes to written media. I believe the power of the written word is much too mighty to be exclusionary.

Blogging guides

Writing guides and thoughts on the narrative craft