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Below is a full range of content all about RWBY as a series. The official release of RWBY can be found for free on the Rooster Teeth website, and other forms of legal viewing such as blue-ray exist as well. I would ask that if you are a RWBY fan, please support the official release.

Reviews and Analysis

Kern’s RWBY Red Trailer Retrospective

In my analysis post, I stated that the RWBY Red Trailer does strictly what it sets out to do. I stand by that. It doesn’t fail in its goals, not even slightly. It’s just not perfect, either. Then again, nothing really is, so let’s dig into this thing.

Kern’s RWBY Red Trailer Analysis

The RWBY Red Trailer does strictly what it sets out to do. It introduces us to Ruby Rose, a young huntress-in-training. In that regard it stands out with flying colors. With that said, let’s dive deeper.

RWBY White Trailer Retrospective Review

If Ruby’s trailer is all about sentimentality and holding the things you cherish the most close to your heart. Then, the trailer for Weiss is all about the rejection of emotional sentiment. Of leaving behind childish whimsy, and losing one’s own identity in the process.

Script RWBY White Trailer Analysis

Before I begin, I just want to make it clear that this is not the first video production of my analysis series, and there is other content available. There was a lull in making these videos as they take time to make, and I was super slow with them for a larger number of reasons.…

Romance in RWBY (Both canon and shipping fodder)

Romance in RWBY: Blake/Ruby

Ladybug is a weak romance ship in the canon argument debate. However, their strongest argument, the best one in my opinion is their intended lifestyle and their future ambitions. From the start of the series Blake and Ruby are versatile and tactical fighters in the series and they’re both ruthless in combat against their target foe.

Romance In RWBY: Pyrrha and Jaune (Arkos)

Pyrrha Nikos and Jaune Arc comprise the pairing affectionately named “arkos” by the fan community. For the first three volumes of RWBY, Jaune and Pyrrha are teammates that grow into being vague lovers. In the end of volume three Pyrrha dies and Jaune must live on.

Character Studies

Character Spotlight: Taiyang Xiao Long

For the first two volumes Taiyang Xiao Long is a non-character. We don’t know anything about the man. Then volume three hits and we get our first glimpse of him through Ruby’s monologue. This monologue is as deprecating as it is full of love. Ruby stands over her mother’s grave, Taiyang has wandered off someplace.…

RWBY Ice Queendom

I’m Excited for RWBY Ice Queendom

Besides that, at first, I had a lot of conflicted thoughts about the show and what it might turn out to be. Therefore, I just wanted to sit and collect my thoughts. It can be really easy to become over excited or overly critical of new content before it releases, and I wanted to be impartial in my thoughts…

RWBY Ice Queendom First Impressions

This is not a review, as I don’t want to give spoilers for the first three episodes released today on Rooster Teeth and Crunchyroll for paying members. These episodes don’t release properly until July. Therefore, the following statements are just very vague opinions, as I can’t dive into details right now. I don’t want to ruin the show for…

RWBY Ice Queendom Episode 1 Review

No newbie can hope to truly understand the depth of what is actually going on without having seen Volume 1 of the original show first… so if you’re going to watch Ice Queendom, awesome! Just… uh… watch Volume 1 first too, okay?

Thoughts About RWBY Volume 8

I’m an old volume purist, but I think Volume 8 deserved to stand among them, because it does what volumes 4, 5, 6, and 7 failed to do. It brought us back to the moral themes that stands as the foundation upon which the characters stand. It did it with love, it did it with…