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This is the page of The Demented Ferrets website that is all about RWBY related content and fandom.

Kernook (the one writing this page, you can call me “Kern”, for short) and our artist Rukangel are both fans of the series. Kernook entered the fandom back in the era of the trailers, and Ruka entered into it back in Volume 4.

Kernook also writes fan fiction in free time, and though posting has gotten sporadic, updates to fan fiction still occurs when that time is available. You can find that fan fiction here.

Kreshenne (Kresh) is not involved in the RWBY fandom, and doesn’t make the habit to discuss the series. Kresh hasn’t seen it, and it’s doubtful Kresh ever will.

Due to my love of the series (Kernook), I decided it was time to produce RWBY related analysis, review, and fandom content. This is a compilation of that content, and it will continue to grow slowly over time.

This is a RWBY poster depicting the four girls in their early volume attire. RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth, please support the official release. The series was originally created by Monty Oum…

The official release of RWBY can be found for free on the Rooster Teeth website, and other forms of legal viewing such blu-ray exist as well. I would ask that if you are a RWBY fan, please support the official release.

Kernook’s Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to distribute the actual show itself in any way, nor is it meant to detract from the original heart and soul of the series. Any RWBY content on the blog is written to either comment upon, or critique the series in some way. This means that all posts are meant to be “transformative” and for the purpose of “fair use” such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody the material. Most of my writing will fall under commentary or criticism as I aim to scrutinize the finer details in the RWBY series.

I will also be discussing the fandom of RWBY, and perhaps posting up a few of my own fan fictions or referencing them when and where they apply to the commentary process such as “romantic shipping” of the characters.

The U.S. Copyright Act details that certain uses of copyrighted material are indeed fair use. The law gives several examples of the kinds of uses that are likely to be allowed. The law also provides the list of factors that should be considered when determining whether a particular “use” is allowed.

For more information on the topic, particularly where the issue of “fanworks” may be involved, I’d ask you to look at the information provided by Archive of our Own, also known as AO3.

Basic Overview: RWBY

Here are some basic facts for anyone who hasn’t heard of the RWBY series before. I doubt that’ll be very likely, but it’s better to just assume that someone will stumble across this page and require a basic primer about things that fans know to be common knowledge. If you know this stuff already, just bypass this section, you know everything you need to.

Plot Summary: The world known as Remnant is inhabited by creatures known as Grimm, a threat to society. To combat this, huntsmen and huntresses are trained at academies. The four main protagonists attend one of these academies, and in doing so they find out that the threat of “Grimm” are the least of their issues.

The series takes place over a handful of years. As time goes on the struggles of the characters age with them. More facts about the series include:

  1. RWBY was created by Monty Oum, a man who passed away in February of 2015. The show continues on airing new “volumes” (read as seasons) every year. Currently volume 8 is complete, and volume 9 is in production.
  2. The name of the series is derived from the four main female protagonists; Ruby, Weiss, Yang and Blake. The letters combine to make “RWBY“, hence the name.
  3. RWBY isn’t just an animated series, there is also written media and games that are often regarded as cannon to the story. There is also the rather lighthearted “RWBY: Chibi” series, but this is not considered cannon.
  4. RWBY can be watched for free on the Rooster Teeth website. The only downside to not having a Rooster Teeth subscription is that the latest episode comes out one week after it has been released to paying members.

The show has been around for years. If that fact and the above information isn’t enough to get you to watch it, I doubt much else will.

If you’re still here, you’ve likely bypassed this because you’re a RWBY fan and you already know all of this. Therefore, let’s more onto other matters.

Compilation of RWBY Related Content

RWBY related content takes a longer time to prepare, write and produce videos for. Ultimately mere written format is just easier in general, but as I’d like to produce videos for the majority of that content as well, it takes a bit of time.

This will be a slowly growing archive based on that, and I apologize in advanced for the length of time it takes to produce this content. That being said, this page will be very robust one day, I promise you that.

Kern’s RWBY Analysis Collection

A large number of my posts will be of RWBY related analysis content. This means character studies, episode studies, and other such details. Each analysis contains a link to it’s accompanied YouTube video. The content is the same, one is merely written word, the other is in video format.

RWBY Red Analysis
A small sample of the types of content in this category

Kern’s RWBY Retrospective Review Collection

A large number of my posts will be of RWBY related Retrospective. This includes retrospective reviews. Just like my analysis content, each review contains a link to it’s accompanied YouTube video. The content is the same, one is merely written word, the other is in video format.

RWBY: Red Retrospective Review
RWBY: White Retrospective Review
A small sample of the types of content in this category. Links will open in a new tab.

Other RWBY Related Content

A large number of my posts will not fall under the other two categories. This includes fandom related content, romantic “shipping” posts and more. This is a “catch-all” category for other types of RWBY posts.

Character Spotlights (Side Cast/Rare)Character Spotlight (Main Cast/Constant)
Character Spotlight: Kali Belladonna
Character Spotlight: Taiyang Xiao Long
Shipping ContentRandom Thoughts
Romance in RWBY: Jaune Arc and Pyrrha Nikos (Arkos)Thoughts About RWBY Volume 8
Romance in RWBY: Blake Belladonna and Ruby Rose (Ladybug)

Other Blog Content

“The Demented Ferrets” blog has a wealth of content spanning several types of topics. This page will be growing and changing as more content is added across our platforms. Currently, there are two members of “The Demented Ferrets”. They are Kreshenne and Kernook.

I am Kernook or “Kern” for short. The one writing this, and the one that will write most of the content across the entire blog. I am a RWBY fan, and you may know me from my fan fiction. In Fandom I am “AYangThang”. If you’ve come here from the AO3 or the FFN, welcome!

Some sections of our blog contain RWBY content. Some pieces are opinion pieces, others are for the sake of analysis. This blog will also contain a retrospective review of the series as a whole. Therefore this page is a simple way to find exactly what type of written content you may be looking for.

Note: YouTube Media

“The Demented Ferrets” have a YouTube channel where certain RWBY related video content will be released. The written scripts of those videos will be released on the blog as well.

Links will open in a new tab.

Twitch Media

“The Demented Ferrets” have a Twitch channel that revolves primarily around gaming content. RWBY related streams may take place. If or when they do, it shall be announced on the blog as well.

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