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Gen:Lock Season 1

Now, while there has been more than a little debate about whether this actually counts as anime or not, it still ticks all the right boxes for me.  Interesting characters that undergo personal growth, a world that makes you want to know more about it, and a different take on Mecha all had me intrigued…

Anime Review: 86

Like Anime, Gaming, and movie reviews? What about RWBY Analysis? If so, check out our other platforms and support our content. Also, please don’t forget to follow our blog for more content like this. You can help support us through PayPal or Patreon. Welcome once more to our little corner of the internet!  I am…

Anime Review: Another

The anime Another is one of the best examples of what makes Japanese horror so unique that I have ever watched.  It’s gory and bloody, but not in the ‘Have a pile of body parts’ way that a lot of American horror is.  It has a plot, it has interesting characters, and it makes you…

Ebby’s Favorite Shows: Beast Wars

the Transformers series called Beast Wars (or Beasties, if you watched the show in Canada), released in 1996 and ran until 1999 with three seasons. It was a computerized cartoon using 3d models for everything. When it first released (and through my six-year old eyes), this was mind-blowing.

Anime Review: Ya Boy Kongming!

Kongming was one of the greatest tacticians from the Three Kingdoms area, and he met his end in 234 AD. Now, in the series he is reborn as a younger version of himself in modern day Japan.

Pros and Cons of Anime and Gaming Blogs

I’m a big fan of blogging, but blogging isn’t for everyone. I’ve decided I’d highlight the pros and cons of blogging about anime and gaming to help you determine if it is the right fit for you. First though, we should talk about what a blog is, and why you might consider writing one.

Anime Review: ACCA 13

If you need something else to watch between your typical seasonal line-up, ACCA 13 is a decent choice. What it lacks in heart pounding action sequences, it more than makes up for that, offering mind-games and political intrigue.

Anime Review: March Comes in Like a Lion

Honestly, it’s likely one of the few anime that ever really gets to me. That’s because the anime is both subtle and incredibly evocative of other shows and series you may have seen before. Yet, where those anime may fall short, March Comes in Like a Lion doesn’t. This anime stands its ground quite well,…

Top 10 Naruto Characters

Hey everyone, it’s Kernook here… I’ve always loved the Naruto universe with its compelling cast and complex ninja world. However the cast is so large that narrowing down a top ten list isn’t easy. I love so many of the characters for an assortment of reasons, so this is my list. It might not be…

Anime Review: A Certain Magical Index

The series had a good premise, but it failed to follow through. It couldn’t execute on the ideas it tried to present. It’s a weird show, honestly speaking. While I do think A Certain Magical Index will cater to some anime fans, I’m often brought to wonder just who I can honestly suggest this series…

My Hero Academia Season 2 Review

Hey everyone, it’s Kern here. I recently did a review for My Hero Academia Season 1. As promised, I’ll be slowly reviewing all of the seasons in order. Today I’m moving onto talking about season 2. As a reminder, the first season of My Hero Academia, also known as Boku no Hīrō Akademia, features the…

009 Re: Cyborg Review

009 Re: Cyborg is incredibly nonsensical in the best of times, completely and unquestioningly misogynistic at worst. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Many anime fall into these two categories.

My Hero Academia Season 1 Review

Like Anime, Gaming, and RWBY Analysis content? Check out our other platforms and support our content. Don’t forget to follow our blog for more content like this. You can help support us through PayPal or Patreon. Hey everyone, it’s Kernook here. Today I’m going to begin my review journey through the My Hero Academia series.…

Anime Review: A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Today we’re going to talk about a series that’s gentle and easy to watch. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows either. Sometimes this anime is a little bitter-sweet and contemplative above all else. While it touches on the subject of loss, you’ll find the themes to be easily digestible and never too dark. Today…

5 Great Anime from the 90’s

There should be more to the medium of anime than top lists of series that dominated the billboard charts. Honestly, a “top ten” list is difficult to make because the 90’s were a treasure trove of anime to discover and love. Therefore, these are merely the suggestions of a humble anime fan.

Anime Review: A Place Further than the Universe

One of the most notable anime of that year is A Place Further than the Universe. It’s also known in Japan as Sora yori mo Tōi Basho. The series was released in January of 2018 and finished around March of that same year. Written by Jukki Hanada and featuring amazing character designs by Takahiro Yoshimatsu, the series started…

Let’s Talk Anime: A Lull in the Sea

A Lull in the Sea, also known in Japan as Nagi no Asukara is a twenty-six episode anime that depicts two very separate sets of people. The ones that live on land, and the ones that live below it, deep in the sea. Released in October of 2013, this series is nearly pushing a decade old…

Let’s Talk Anime: A Centaur’s Life

In general, the show pieces together a school life story that jumps the shark. A Centaur’s Life is riddled with cases of extreme propaganda, hard pressed security details, and a world that almost seems dystopian despite the slice-of-life tone the series works so hard to convey. It truly gives viewers an unsettling feeling that something…

Lesson Anime Taught Me – Personal Belief is Half the Battle

One of the most important things that anime taught me, is that believing in oneself the largest obstacle anyone might have to overcome. When doubt prevails, it’s easy to lose sight of the goals we have in mind. Ambition is only as powerful as our own personal drive to find success. When we allow our…

Let’s Talk Anime: Apple Seed

The movie itself never feels like it’s so far up its own butt to know exactly what it is; a solid popcorn flick. It doesn’t feel like (or try to be) anything more than that. Still, I have to critique the movie fairly, guilty pleasure or not.

Kern’s Collections: Emma: A Victorian Romance

Loneliness is a hard burden to face, and heartache is isn’t so easily soothed by a few kind words and a passing glance. If it were that simple, these two souls would have likely passed each other by without a single care. However, that’s not what happens, because life and love just isn’t that simple.

Anime and Its Translations

Do I believe the Spanish dubs are worth it? Absolutely! Spanish is one of the most spoken languages ranking 4th worldwide and 2nd in Native-speaking countries in the world.

Anime Review – Your Lie in April

Every year more mindless drivel gets released only to be forgotten. To be honest, good drama anime are very difficult to come by. That’s why Your Lie in April is an important anime to discuss. It is a very well written drama anime.

10 Amazing 70’s Anime

These are anime that are pivotal to the medium, and helped to make the anime industry what it is today. If you haven’t seen these series, you really should. The anime in this list aren’t in any particular order of importance, rather these are just ten amazing anime that should be forgotten.

Kern’s Collections: Death Note

Hello everyone, it’s Kernook here. Welcome to “The Demented Ferrets” channel. This is a segment called “Kern’s Collections”, a series dedicated to brief glimpses of media and why you might enjoy them.

Anime Review: Claymore

The fate of a Claymore is hardly peaceful, and usually ends tragically. Anyway you look at it, their mere existence is rather lonely and their fates promise to be the selfsame as the Yoma themselves. If a woman becomes a Claymore, her days are numbered and that’s just a cold hard fact that these women…

Kern’s Collections: Assassination Classroom

A world filled with unreasonable expectations, and a class of students unable to match them. For them, it’s the end of the line, What sits before them is a task they can’t hope to achieve as they are, and this world will only accept them at their best. Their job is to do what the…

2021 Spring Anime Season- What I’m Excited For

Hey everyone, it’s Kern here. I just wanted to highlight some series I’m looking forward to in this new anime line-up. The winter season made big promises, but in some ways a few series just couldn’t live up to the hype (Promised Neverland I’m looking at you). Then there were shows with the hype that…

Kern’s Collections: Space Brothers

To be honest, Space Brothers stands as a “catch-all” anime for me. If I don’t know what anime to pick out for a new viewer, I always go with Space Brothers. It is especially accessible for an american viewer because the idea of going to outer space is part of our mass media to begin…

Kern’s Collections: Haibane Renmei

Haibane Renmei is just as much about grief as it is about joy. Sorrow and regret live alongside happiness and catharsis. These charcoal feathers have but one real goal. They must come to terms with themselves, their circumstances, and what they must ultimately leave behind.

A Glimpse Of Anime HISTORY: Vampire Hunter D

This movie deserves to be mentioned because in this day and age, older anime falls off the radar. It can be easy to forget about them. Vampire Hunter D was considered a fairly huge success upon release. It mixed the finer arts of sci-fi and high fantasy in an easily digestible way.

Monster – You Have To Watch This Thing

What you can expect is a story that is very well written, with characters that are as multidimensional as any anime could ever offer. What you’ll find here is a truly mature anime. It is one that is certainly worth your time to give it a try.

Anime: Top 5 Ways to Build Your Watch-list Every Season.

When I was young, watch-lists were simple and easy to come by. Anime wasn’t incredibly abundant. When it came to sub-genres there were lists that everyone followed like gospel, because we had little else. Fandom followed a certain flow, you might say.

Mushoku Tensei – A Grandfather of Isekai

When it comes to written media, Mushoku Tensei is the modern-day juggernaut for the Isekai genre. Prior to this series, Isekai were more fluid in it’s nature. What we considered Isekai was also vastly different.

Review: The Promised Neverland

The majority of this story revolves around children being raised to be consumed like cattle. This is contained in a society that no longer runs on the strength of mankind alone. Intelligent demons inhabit the world, and they eat humans. If that bothers you, don’t watch this series.

Gateway Anime For Older Viewers.

You can expose them to that sort of thing on your own time. These are what I think of as gateway anime for anyone over the age of twenty-five. I’d like to consider these as ice-breakers to the medium, not necessarily anime that follow hard and fast rules of their respective genres at large.

Anime Review- Bartender

Bartender stands out as a refined slice-of-life series for older viewers. It isn’t your standard formula by far, and it doesn’t pretend to be. It is soft and sophisticated without being obnoxious. Themes are sometimes vague, but not needlessly obtuse. Character stories are personal and often layered in simple but deep symbolism.

Top 3 Reasons to Watch: All Out

Why am I suggesting All Out when objectively there are far better options out there for the rugby sport? Well, here’s the thing, the better ones are only better for anime fans. I wanted to suggest something that could also apply to regular sports fans too.

Anime Review: Perfect Blue

The film relies heavily on its psychological drama to carry the story forward. Many scenes are purposefully unsettling, and Mima is an enigma by nature. Several questions are left unanswered and up to interpretation.

Anime Review: Fruits Basket (2001)

From the music, animation, running gags, and common tropes, this anime is like a time capsule. It perfectly preserves what slice-of-life anime was like in the early 2000’s. That alone might be a reason to go back and give it a watch. The problem is, I have trouble saying that you’ll actually like it.

Fandom: Little Moments Matter Most

Sometimes, the best ships don’t have any big moments at all. Sometimes they only have a series of small elements to craft a greater narrative. In this instance, subtext quickly becomes fan fodder.

Fandom: Satoshi Kon

His aspiration in life was to become an animator, but thankfully he blossomed well beyond that. In his career he was credited for being an animator, screenwriter, manga artist, and a director.

Farewell to a Great Decade in Anime…

Below is a long list, in no particular order, of note worthy anime from the decade. I don’t want to number them, or give them a ranking. I just want to look at the splendor of all of the titles. Each of them have their own reasons for being landmark series. Keep in mind, these…

Fandom: Nostalgia in Fandom

Respectful commentary, and a healthy dose of nostalgia will always play a role in changing the future. Media will always be made by people who are inspired by the past to make a better future. Choosing to forget our past simply because it becomes dated will only bury our previous failings along with it.

Why Retrospect in Media is Important

The more media we enjoy, the more our thoughts and opinions have the ability to change. We can choose to stay in our small echo-chambers, or we can choose to broaden our horizons.