Hello everyone it’s Demented Ferrets resident artist, Ruka. Welcome back to another “Universal Language of Art” post.

Happy New Year everyone!! I would like to wish you all a wonderful 2022. This last year has been crazy, for everyone and it is my hope to continue growing here at The Demented Ferrets. Thank you for your support, love, Ruka.

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Alabaster by Rukangle

It’s a mysterious thing sometimes when all your doing is trying to keep a level head right before doing something that terrifies you.

Yet sometimes the very thing amplifies what you perceive as true and real but it can also play with your perception of what is not real. It can bring something to the forefront of our minds and makes us see beyond what is truly there. Sometimes it is our own self-preservation kicking into high gear, while others are a way to keep us within our own cell of mind, petrified of the unknown, our minds playing the game of what if’s and the should I or not.

Alabaster was taken in a moment like that. A moment where one of my fears becomes more real the nearest it gets we turned a corner and from the corner of my eye, I saw her, just standing there waiting to be noticed.

She was made to resemble beauty in its most enchanting, yet mysterious way. Made of what is perceived as perfection, with no flaws to be found, while still being able to hunt our dreams all the while making a statement.

After the picture was taken it dawned on me that maybe that is what she was waiting for, to be captured in such a way, to be seen, not just because she’s there but maybe for what she could be. Who she could have been at one point in time, and for who she was made to remind.

It brings out the question, who is she meant to be? why is she there in the first place? why does the mind believes her to be perfect in a world of imperfection?

Personally, I have seen things that can’t really be explained nor captured by pen or a simple photograph. Nothing compares to it. Yet, I see this picture and it’s a perfect compromise of beauty in such a small moment.

This has been Ruka of The Demented Ferrets, where stupidity is at its finest, and level grinds are par for the course. I’ll see you around! Until then please be sure to check out our other content below.

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