Looking for a classic space flick? Have you seen Sunshine?

Personally, I’m a huge sucker for space movies, and an especially huge fan of suspending disbelief for the sake of a terrifying and beautiful space adventure.  If you like space thrillers and have not seen the 2007 masterpiece that is Sunshine, then let me share with you the spoiler free journey of the Icarus II and its crew.… Read More Looking for a classic space flick? Have you seen Sunshine?

Anime Review: Another

The anime Another is one of the best examples of what makes Japanese horror so unique that I have ever watched.  It’s gory and bloody, but not in the ‘Have a pile of body parts’ way that a lot of American horror is.  It has a plot, it has interesting characters, and it makes you think.  It was produced in 2012 by P. A. Works based on the novels by Yukito Ayatsuji, and for a ten year old anime, I think it still makes an incredible showing.… Read More Anime Review: Another

Void Bastards is Plain Stupid Fun

The game is is also very rage-inducing… hey everyone, it’s Kern here. Time to talk about 2019’s pinnacle of assholian game design: Void Bastards. Be warned this post is riddled with swears, because of course it is… Here’s the thing. Void Bastards is an absolutely no-shits-given, entirely unrepentant first-person shooter. The developer boasts warnings on… Read More Void Bastards is Plain Stupid Fun