Should I get into Elite: Dangerous in 2022? Yes! Here is why…

Elite: Dangerous is the modern installment in a series of renown space simulation games from Frontier Developments. If you have ever wanted to experience what it would be like to make a living hopping from star to star in the Milky Way galaxy, this is the game for you.

E:D gives you the opportunity to take on many different roles as a space commander, including bounty hunting, trading, mining, exploration, and even xeno-hunting (aliens). Many space enthusiasts alike have flocked to the E:D universe over the years to find their place among the stars.

With Frontier Developments’ latest expansion to the E:D universe, Odyssey, commanders have been given the wonderous opportunity to hop out of their ship at any space port or landable planet and explore on foot!  While this expansion has received mixed reviews, it has opened an amazing experience including exobiology, ground combat, and space port exploration.

Commanders in Elite: Dangerous can participate in several different combat environments depending on what kind of trouble they put themselves into.  Earlier on, one may find themselves scanning for criminals, picking off pirates and bounties near the navigation beacon of a nearby star.  Experienced combat veterans will often find themselves participating in conflict zones to help turn the tides of battle for the faction of their choice. Finally, the bravest and most talented of these commanders can choose to go against the threat of the alleged alien menace, the Thargoids.

As a Trader in the E:D universe, you can go about making credits in a variety of ways.  A commander can take a contract from a nearby spaceport and simply deliver some goods from one star system to the other. Sometimes those goods may not be legal in the destination system, requiring the commander to avoid being scanned upon arrival.  Commanders may also take advantage of buying and selling commodities from space ports at a profit using the in-game economy system for supply and demand. Finally, if you want some real action in the trade aspect of E:D, you might be interested in getting into mining.  Not only can trade commanders make credits mining the surfaces of asteroids, but some of these hunks of rock can be strategically detonated for high priced commodities during core mining operations.

What’s the best part about a space simulation game? Exploring the stars, of course! With over 400-billion star systems generated in the Elite: Dangerous’ Milky Way galaxy, there are hundreds of different types of environments, and practically infinite different configurations of solar systems that can be discovered by each commander in the E:D universe. First time discoveries are recorded and shared with all other commanders in the galaxy, and with only an astonishing 0.05% of the simulated galaxy discovered at the beginning of 2022, there is no doubt that any commander can find themselves a place to put their name among the stars.

Finally, the Elite: Dangerous universe includes what is called the “Background Simulation” (BGS).  All player activity as commanders affects the BGS in a sense where the community, or sometimes even a single commander, can shape the fate of a single star system or cluster.  Community Events are announced often regarding major events in the E:D universe, and things have recently gotten very interesting… why not take a look?

This has been a blurb by Drephuz of the Demented Ferrets, a Twitch streamer, a drone pilot, and an all around tech nerd. You can catch him on Twitch playing games and mostly being inappropriate. Stop on by!

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