Before You Worry About “SEO”, Build Alliances – Here’s How

Hey everyone, it’s Kernook here. I’ve spoken about readability before, and discussed a few thoughts about numbered review scores for and how they can hinder the process. It’s about time to dive into big buzz words. To be clear though, fancy nonsense like “SEO” and “niches” sound nice. However, they don’t mean a damn thing… Read More Before You Worry About “SEO”, Build Alliances – Here’s How

Review: (A)sexual

The thing about being asexual is that it’s often misunderstood. These people talk very frankly about the struggles that go along with the acronym alphabet soup that the wider world likes to toss around. This is why I don’t inherently include them in the LGBTQ+ community by total default. Some asexual people aren’t lesbians, gays, trans, or queer. They don’t always identify that way.… Read More Review: (A)sexual