Special Announcement

Summary: Upon the hexagonal super-continent of Basa, three distinct races live and thrive. The peaceful peoples of the lowlands known as Aase live in harmony with the wilds. The ruthless Cadfan, survive amidst the harshest conditions. Last, but not least, the Arvad peoples wander the super-continent of Basa, never staying in one place for too long. Blare Blodwyn is one such Arvad nomad, and she’s come of age to get married. Her sights are set firmly upon the Cadfan woman, Valda Birendra. Unfortunately for Blare, with complex nuptials on the horizon and a chilly tempered Cadfan as a suitor, she’s in for more than one headache. … Read More Special Announcement

TDF Update: We’re Affiliates!

It’s been a weird year, all things considered. Between my mother’s health problems, and taking that long several month break, we weren’t sure we’d hit that point so soon. We’re there, and it’s kind of like a breath of fresh air. It’s one of those “wow, we’re really doing this” moments where it feels… well, not so much a “milestone” but more like it’s another little step in the grand scheme….… Read More TDF Update: We’re Affiliates!