Hurricanes and Chest Colds

Hey everyone, it’s Kern here! This is just a quick post to explain the lack of content.

There are two massive reasons why there has been a lack of content recently. With Hurricane Ian leaving destruction at every turn, Ruka and Ebby have been staying elsewhere while they sort out the household. There has been lots of water damage, which has slowed production.

Meanwhile, I’ve been sick with a chest cold, and I just haven’t been well enough to craft proper blog posts. That being said, content will resume later this week. Apologies for the lack of content once again.

Tomorrow a new writer for the ferrets tosses their hat into the ring with a review of The Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Definitive Edition, so I hope you enjoy that. We will get back to scripted and thoughtful videos when we can, and in the meantime if you haven’t been following our gameplay on Twitch you totally should

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