Fandom: Emma Blackery

Hey everyone it’s Kern here. It’s time for another fandom related post. Obviously, these posts are all about the joy of fandom and cover topics that I’m a fan of. I decided upon another musical artist, it’s been a long time since I’ve written about one.

To be honest with you though, Emma Blackery’s musical talent is something I really should have brought up before. I absolutely love her music.

As a disclaimer, nobody solicited my opinion. Nobody offered me any sort of perk for writing about this artist. I have not met this artists personally. I have not seen her live, in concert.

I simply enjoy Emma’s music as found on YouTube and Spotify. That was my only qualifier that I found necessary in order to make the recommendation of Emma’s musical style.

If you would like to hear her content, I would advise that you follow the links to her YouTube channel or the songs I suggest below. She does plenty of other content over there too.

Artist: Emma Blackery – Emma’s Channel

If you know this artist at all, you may be aware that she’s done collaborative work in the past with Dave, from Boyinaband. That’s how I discovered her channel, in the first place. That was a long time ago though.

Emma has a range of vocal skill. Now, I’m no music critic so I won’t attempt to be one. I love it, that’s enough for me. There’s something about her style that’s so simple, yet, lyrically addictive. Her music will get stuck in your head if you listen to it enough.

I’m writing this blog post today because I’m eagerly awaiting Emma’s new single that she made a tweet about. I have to admit, I’m pretty hyped. Since that song isn’t out yet though, let’s discuss music you can already listen to.

I’d say look no further than “Agenda”. Why do I like it? This is snappy, upbeat, and very self-empowering. It’s the sort of song that I enjoy with the volume levels high as I do chores around the house or just in general. I relate to this song a lot. Hugely entertaining, and an all around good time, you can’t go wrong here.

Frankly, when I listen to an artist like Emma, I don’t resonate well with many of her deeper, more thoughtful pieces. Mind you, that’s just me. That isn’t a slight to her as a singer/songwriter. In fact, you may find that you like some of those tracks better.

I don’t dislike them, I just don’t relate as well personally to them. I just don’t have the same sort of life experiences that help me relate to it in the same way. I think that’s the key takeaway there.

If you do like music that tells a deeper story, I’d have to suggest “Don’t Come Home”. It’s a solid song, the vocals are brilliant, and the musical composition is nothing to sneeze at. I wholeheartedly recommend it because it’s just really good… but it is a bit sadder and introspective.

In the end Emma’s happier pieces, or those with an up-beat tone are the ones that draw me in the most. That being said, you should check out her channel and listen to her music for yourself.

One last song that I feel the absolute urge to add to this list, is Icarus. This song still brings me to tears to this day. Now the reason why it hits home for me is a personal journey. In my blog post “The First Brick” I talk about my cousin passing away and my life’s ambitions… what we always said we’d do… this song reminds me so heavily of those ambitions and my continued steps forward to reach them.

So, if you listen to nothing else… listen to that one… Icarus. If you like her musical style, support her, follow her on her platforms and jam out to that new single song “Cry to Your Mother” when it comes out.

This has been Kernook of The Demented Ferrets, where stupidity is at its finest and level grinds are par for the course. I’ll see you next time.

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