2021 Spring Anime Season- What I’m Excited For

Hey everyone, it’s Kern here. I just wanted to highlight some series I’m looking forward to in this new anime line-up. The winter season made big promises, but in some ways a few series just couldn’t live up to the hype (Promised Neverland I’m looking at you).

Then there were shows with the hype that still contained a few scheduling kerfuffles. Seriously, Cells at Work and Cells at Work: Code Black were both aired in the winter season, and that was just too much. I haven’t gotten around to Cells at Work: Code Black because I just didn’t have the time to dive into it.

A few very dishonorable mentions and profound levels of idiocy aside, there is no question that the winter season gave us some very good shows. New anime and sequel fodder alike had this season bursting at the seams with compelling content. Depending on what your tastes in anime are, you could probably find something in your wheelhouse.

The problem could be for a hard core anime fan, there was almost too much to pick from. For example, I dropped Dr. Stone entirely because it couldn’t keep my interest the way that other series did. That’s not a slight to the franchise, and I might pick it up again later. It’s just that for me there was other compelling content to watch.

That said, I’ve always known that for me spring, summer, and fall would contain the bulk of my interests this year.

Before I get into that though, I wanted to give a brief nod to the anime Wonder Egg Priority for surprising the absolute crap out of me. It was a series I went into tentatively, but I’m so glad I did. It was far deeper and more complex than I could have ever initially given it credit for.

I had an idea of what the show was going for, but I thought it might end up convoluted, or perhaps too convoluted for it’s own narrative ambition. It proved me wrong on so many levels. I had to watch the series twice, merely because the narrative it tries to tell has merit in re-watching it. I wouldn’t say that the series is perfect by far. Still, highly enjoyable though.

So, kudos to Wonder Egg Priority, for not being the mindless drivel I presumed the show would be when it first released. For me it was one of many highlights in the winter season, and honestly I can’t praise it enough.

With that said though, while the winter season was a grab bag of many anime, spring’s line-up has a narrower focus. There aren’t as many highly anticipated series, and I suspect there will be a few sleepers this time around.

So, let’s look at a few shows I’m excited for in the spring seasonal line-up.

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Brief Mentions of Sequles

I don’t want to linger too long on this, but the spring anime line-up has a bunch of sequel fodder as well. Perhaps too much, all things considered. There is only one that I am super excited for, but that said the usual expectations make their appearance.

Zombieland Saga: Revenge will be offering a second season to the pop idol zombie series. On top of that you have the obvious choices such as the final season of Fruits Basket and My Hero Academia: Season 5.

Those series, coupled with the dredges of last season’s holdovers gives us just enough to get by. That being said though, there is one sequel that I think really is worth talking about.

Nomad: Megalo Box Season 2

Megalo Box was by far one of the most enjoyable anime for me back in 2018, and for good reason. The boxing anime had a decent amount of action, but it was the characters that had me coming back for more. I can’t say I’m a fan of boxing, but to me that’s what makes this series so interesting.

Generally, with sports anime, the thing that keeps the viewer most entertained is the confines of the sport itself. Compelling characters are vastly important, sure, but the sport is generally their fixation. This means that if you can’t relate to the character, it can be incredibly hard to relate with them.

I may not be a huge boxing fan, but Megalo Box held my interest due to the struggle of the main protagonist. It was a gritty anime, rough around the edges with animation and a soundtrack to match, and this appealed to me.

The first episode of season two aired earlier this month. Aptly named Nomad: Megalo Box 2, it takes place five years after the events of season 1.

This is one of the anime I was talking about when I said it may be a bit of a sleeper. See, as much as I loved Megalo Box during it’s initial run, and still enjoy it today, that doesn’t seem the case across wider anime fandom. It fell out of discussion rather quickly, all things considered. Almost as if it had been forgotten about and tossed to the side.

I don’t know about you, but I’m actually pretty excited for this anime. The next one on my watch-list list isn’t so

Eden Zero

Every season I pick an anime that I’m incredibly dubious about, and Eden Zero is that anime for the spring line-up. See, I wasn’t a huge fan of Fairy Tail and this series is from the same manga artist. So, needless to say, it was the perfect choice.

Why am I excited about an anime that I fully admit to being skeptical about? Good question, for me it comes down to the challenge. If I complete disregard anime I assume I won’t like, I limit myself in ways I find unsatisfactory.

My dislike of Fairy Tail came from its pacing. I entered into the series late in the game, and trying to slog through the series ended up making it wholly enjoyable. Then again, taking it slow held little merit for me because I had friends heavily invested in the series, which resulted in massive spoilers. In the end, dropping Fairy Tail was a no brainier, because I missed out on what makes such long running series enjoyable for me. Talking about it with my friends are the reason I’d even enjoy such a series in the first place, and lacking that there was no reason for me to continue.

Eden Zero offers that opportunity. Now weather it will hold my attention or not is up in the air. However, the hype my personal friends and I have for the series is enough to make me excited.

There is just one little problem. Netflix has the streaming rights to this thing. Meaning that sadly it’ll be held back from viewers until the season is complete and able to be binge watched. That could be the deal breaker for me depending on how long I have to wait, but I can ride the hype train for now.

So that’s what I looking forward to in this line-up. I need some time to catch up on some holdovers from the winter season, so this is the perfect time for that.

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