Kresh and Kerns brand new disaster through Eorzea: Final Fantasy XIV part 4: A Misadventure Reborn

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Hey Everyone, it’s Kernook here, bringing you more Final Fantasy XIV gameplay from Kresh and Kernook. More story line questing, and general nonsense build up the bulk of the stream, all around it was a good time.

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Part 4

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Our trusty red Chocobo, which I call Flufflebutt, carries us around from place to place as we deal with all of the story related quests involved in this early section of the game. Overall, it was a day filled with lots of traveling and cut scenes.

We enter into The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak, which has been nicely streamlined since I was last inside of it. Ideally, this instance is for those between the levels of 24-27, but with how quickly you level these days, it’s easy to outpace it. We certainly have. Since it is tied to the main story, it can’t be bypassed.

I manage to heal through it with very few incidents attached, and All in all, it is a simple story heavy day, with promises of more havoc next time.

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