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Soooo….. Twitch had a Data Leak… CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS!

Hey all, Kern here, wondering at the rationality of humanity as once again cyber bullies kick up in hopes of doing… well, who knows what they were after really, I won’t speculate.

Either way, Twitch suffered a massive data breech very recently and it should be heeded. If you do have a Twitch account, and all that general wonderfulness, go change your passwords. Consider this post as me doing my own diligence to put this out as a warning to any of you that do happen to watch live streams or otherwise have a twitch account.

Don’t sit on this, it seems like a pretty massive leak of data. This is the article I read regarding it, and I’d suggest if you want more information, you do the same. I happened to see it earlier this morning.

In case you care for a secondary source, here ya go…

Honestly, stay safe out there on the internet everyone, and yeah… this completely sucks, but welcome to life I suppose… go fix your passwords and warn your friends to do the same.