Gold Heart, Silver Chain (Serialized Fiction)

A compilation of chapters for the “Gold Heart, Silver Chain” web novel written by Kernook (Kern for short). Please do keep in mind, that the complete story hub can be found over on Kern’s other website as well: “

Gold Heart, Silver Chain

Written by: Kernook, The Demented Ferret

Updates: Every Wednesday

Summary: Upon the hexagonal super-continent of Basa, three distinct races live and thrive. The peaceful peoples of the lowlands known as Aasa are shapeshifters that live in harmony with the wilds. The ruthless Cadfan, a warrior people, survive amidst the harshest conditions. Last, but not least, the Arvad people wander the super-continent of Basa, never staying in one place for too long. Blare Blodwyn is one such Arvad nomad, and she’s come of age to get married. Her sights are set firmly upon the Cadfan woman, Valda Birendra. Unfortunately for Blare, with complex nuptials on the horizon and a chilly tempered Cadfan as a suitor, she’s in for more than one headache.

More Information: This is an experimental story focused heavily upon world building. Different themes and POV will be toyed with throughout the story. While other romances may show up, this is a fictional story about romance between other women.

Please do mind the genres and tags listed, as they will be expanded upon as the fiction continues.

Genres: Romance, Slice-of-Life, Drama, Fantasy.

Tags: F/F, M/F, Mature Sensual Content, Mild Fantasy Violence.

Status: Incomplete, updates every Wednesday.

No warnings currently apply.

The author has decided to label this serialized content as “M-rated ” due to romantic overtures between adult women and use of hard language (cursing/swearing). No severe warnings apply to this fiction. Warnings will be added on an as needed basis.

Cover photo imagery for this fiction was provided by Kern, of “The Demented Ferrets”.

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