Blogging: Guides, Tips and Tricks

No nonsense blogging tips and tricks. These are things every blogger needs to know. You’re not going to get fancy diatribes, you’re going to get point-blank and honest facts.

I can tell you the deeper aspects of the industry so few people talk about. These aren’t prestige posts with amazing images. These posts are the real deal, written in my spare time to help you.

A Perfect Workspace? Ha, Yeah Right…

A common and flat out stupid misconception is that all bloggers have a perfect workspace, neat and tidy all the time. This asinine idea isn’t always true. We don’t all have the perfect haven to work on our posts. That’s just what we want you to think.

The First Thing Bloggers Need to Know – Readability

I’m not writing this to get your attention, I’m writing this because I’m going to tell you the truth. You’ll follow me of your own volition, or you won’t. If not, that’s fine, but I promise you this; I’m going to give you good advice.

Where stupidity is at its finest and level grinds are par for the course

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