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Welcome to the portion of “The Demented Ferrets” blog and website devoted to anime in all of its many forms. There is a lot of stuff here, hopefully you’ll find something you like.

Kernook is the anime fan of The Demented Ferrets, and as such, has taken to posting anime related content upon this blog. As of April 4th of 2021, some of the anime related content will be found on our YouTube channel as well. Particularly the segment known as Kern’s Collections.

Recently, our artist Ruka has tossed her hat in the ring and has started to write blog posts as well. They will also be archived here as she write them. Each of her posts are labeled.

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Kern’s Anime Review and Retrospectives

A large number of my posts will be of anime related retrospectives. This includes retrospectives and reviews.

Review: Sweetness and LightningReview: Fruits Basket 2001
Review: Perfect BlueReview: Bartender
Review: Promised Neverland (S1)Monster – You Have To Watch This Thing
A small sample of the types of content in this category

Kern’s Collections

I have a video series that is called Kern’s Collections over on YouTube. These are blog posts of the general script, and the video is included as well. Of course, you can simply watch the videos over on YouTube if you prefer to do that.

Kern’s Collections: Haibane RenmeiKern’s Collections: Space Brothers
Kern’s Collections: Assassination ClassroomKern’s Collections: Emma A Victorian Romance

Collection of “Let’s Talk Anime”

These are more casual posts. They’re still full of content, they’re just shorter and not as complex as the in-depth reviews.

A Bridge to the Starry SkiesA Centaur’s LifeA Lull in the Sea

A large number of my posts will not fall under the other categories. This is a “catch-all” category for other types of anime posts.

Fandom: Satoshi KonDecade in anime 2010-2019
Anime and Its Translations (Spanish Dubs) Written by Ruka.
Gateway Anime for Older ViewersTop 3 Reasons to Watch: All Out
Build Your Watch-List10 Amazing 70’s Anime

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