Massive Update: Please Read

Hello everyone, it’s Kern here once again, I hope you will continue to enjoy this content. I’ve got a massive update for you. Firstly, let’s dive into some site related changes.

The “Support Us” page has been changed up a bit, offering a lot less clutter and more overall information on what we do as “The Demented Ferrets”.

The second major change regarding this is the new update to Patreon related tiers. It used to be that we didn’t have a good Patreon tier for blog supporters, but we wanted to change that. Previously, you would have seen a card like this one on our posts:

Don’t forget to follow the blog for more content like this. Want to help keep the blog advertisement free? Please become a patron! This will also get you access into The Demented Ferrets official discord server. Join here today!

However, we’ve come to decide that it wasn’t really fitting for readers of the blog. Yes, keeping the blog free of advertisements as much as we can help it is certainly our main goal. However we felt that wasn’t enough, so I changed the card, and now if you’re a patron, you get more perks.

Going forward, the card now looks like this:

Don’t forget to follow the blog for more content like this. Want to help keep the blog advertisement free? Please become a patron! We have a $1 “Little Ferret” tier that’s perfect for blog readers.

As a “Little Ferret” you will be allowed to help decide topics for the blog and you will have access to patron only updates. Your name will be credited on every post for as long as you are a patron. This will also get you access into The Demented Ferrets official discord server. Join here today!

I think that this is vast improvement, because readers can now have a voice in what content gets written if you choose to join our patron. If you choose not to, don’t worry, you lose nothing. All blog posts going forward will still have a home here regardless if you are a patron or not.

That being said, if you’d like to have a voice in what topics get written or covered, please do consider becoming a supporter.

The first discussion poll is out now for all patrons. A new card thanking patron supporters has also been made:

To Our Supporters: Thank You!

With your contributions, you make our efforts possible. Thank you for supporting our content. Patreon supporters receive access into our official Discord server, and a few other perks depending on the tier.

There is a $1 tier, perfect for blog readers, so don’t hesitate. Join today!

Patreon Supporters

At the time of this post there are 3 supporters of our content, currently all of them are in the “Demented Minion” tier.

($1) Little Ferrets: None
($3) Fandom Ferret: None
($5) Demented Minions: Francis Murphy, Josh Sayer, and Andrew Wheal.
($10) True Blue Ferret: None.
($25) Premium Ferret: None.
($50) Round Table Ferret: None.

Blog Content Additions and Changes

In general, Kern (the one writing this post) is the one that writes and produces all of the content you see here on the blog in written form. This has been the way it has been since Kresh and I started this whole idea.

You’ve probably noticed this, but much of our content is cross-platform to give you a variety of ways to enjoy it. If we have video content added, you can find that video up on our YouTube channel.

When it comes to longer running written media, such as Kern’s in-depth RWBY reviews and analysis they take a long time to make. This is because a video accompaniment is always included. Kern’s Collections take time for that selfsame reason.

That is why the majority of our content here is only in the written form. As games are completed on our live streams and more time is spent producing media, you’ll see the video related content on this blog continue to grow as well.

For the longest time, Kresh was only ever within the confines of live stream content found on our Twitch channel. However, in the coming months, that will also change.

In the future, Kresh will begin to have more of an online presence as more content is produced. As such we have two new images to help clarify what content is being produced by whom.

The blue bordered ferret is Kern, the pink one is Kresh. You can thank Ruka for making these, as she does all of our artwork, so thank goodness for Ruka on that front.

Upcoming Content

Kern has been hard at work preparing blog posts for you all. Known content being released for the rest of May looks like this:

  • Monday (May 24th, 2021) – Kern’s Collections: Death Note (written media and video content).
  • Wednesday (May 26th, 2021) – Kresh Plays: Crash Bandicoot. (written media and archived live stream footage)
  • Friday (May 28th, 2021) – Kern Plays: Dinner with an Owl.
  • Monday (May 31st, 2021) – Anime Review: Your Lie in April (written media)

As you can see, the rest of May is packed with both gaming and anime related content. When it comes to June’s content, that hasn’t been fully decided upon. Before I was the one to decide all of the blog content, but now the poll may impact the scope of content moving forward.

Content you can be sure to expect because it is already in the works is the following:

  • At least 1 “Kern’s Collections” (completely written, video edit in progress).
  • At least 1 “RWBY” analysis (scripting complete, video not yet begun).
  • 2 written game reviews (outlines have begun).
  • 2 written anime reviews (outlines have begun).
  • 2 “Let’s Play” posts (content to be determined).
  • 2 written opinion pieces (content to be determined).

Anything beyond that will depend on the voting suggestions and patron feedback.

Anyway, this has been Kernook of “The Decremented Ferrets”, where stupidity is at its finest, and level grinds are par for the course. I’ll see you next time!

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